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      ◇ Mobile tents . With hob and waterproof fabric structure, and multiple models, this product is folding movable, and could be used temporarily, anytime and anywhere, or by shops market for sheltering withstand sunshine and rain. ◇ New Style arm Awnings canopy . Aluminum alloys with special waterproof fabric structures for . There are two kinds of manual and electric models, professional factories manufacturing, factories priced. Easy to install this product easy to use, easy to transport packaging, size can be customized. ◇ In accordance with the customer uses the design production . ◇ We specially deal with the sale of awning and tent, and awning is the most popular product among foreign trade . ◇ folding tent, folding tent, Guangzhou, Fujian, folding tent,large tents, Shanghai tents rental, tent,Tents Guangdong,folding tent, military tents, tent factory,sun umbrella, outdoor umbrella, car sun umbrella,steel plants, steel design,tent fabric, waterproof fabric


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Military tents, relief tents, tent project

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Advertising Exhibition products factory in Guangzhou's tents solid security, nice, quick assembly and disassembly, convenient storage and transportation, are widely used in outdoor exhibitions, fairs, product promotion, product promotion, opening ceremony, party gatherings, government publicity and consultation, reception activities, sports activities, outdoor weddings, festive events (festivals, Oktoberfest and Food Festival) and so on. Supply of the stage plate, truss tents, stainless steel truss, truss shaped, ten factories, shipping agents, four truss, together with improved facilities. Has a more experienced management team; superb quality of the design team; high quality, efficient outdoor construction team, we focus on advertising and exhibition display products and technology research and development to the core of the exhibition and advertising services, formed against the government, business, media not the same industry, different sizes, different applications The five series of products and targeted solutions, is the most influential advertising, display production, technical advice Xun provider.
Advertising display products factory in Guangzhou after a decade of professional tent industry. Long focus on funding research into new, new style, new fashion, and customers get the eye gaze. 08 suppliers of government procurement. Our factory main products: outdoor works tents, tensioned membrane structure in 2007 was .10 in the military logistics supplier is Asian suppliers, my factory among the advantages of relying on exports of Guangzhou-Foshan Economic Zone in South Asia region, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America countries. Our tents are the preferred products are the advantages of trade merchants trade goods.
I plant to implement a one-stop operation, no part of the fare increase, the whole material prices; client terminal service, responsibility and transparent in the end, the customer peace of mind. Factory production and marketing business model in one step, reducing the middle of the circulation, all in line for the sake of users, the full reflects the way with human management.
Now, I plant has outstanding design capabilities and a wide range of technical fields, achieved a number of exemplary customer, for example: the fifth year in Tianjin Building Decoration Fair 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Bird's Nest stadium project outside the tent, the fourth 07 in Nanning, Guangxi session of the China-ASEAN Expo, Shenzhen Baoan District Golf Course, Guangdong Baiyun Mountain Tourism Bureau, Sichuan earthquake, Nanyang jade market, Guangzhou, Agile Property, Real Estate Hopson Guangdong, Guangzhou Export Commodities Trading Center, China Ricard Brewery Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Office, China Southern Power Grid, China Telecom, China Mobile, Coca Cola, Red Bull, Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou Expressway Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Air Force training center camps Guest sixty-one ....... so!

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Stage truss factory in Guangzhou: moving stage, large tents, stage truss plant, supply advertising tents, tents decade factory, advertising products, all kinds of tents manufacturing, activities tent, pull the tent, the stage background frame, exhibition tents, activities Tents, commercial tents, advertising, exhibitions, folding tent specifically for supplies


Push-pull tent-007

party tents-27

Hall tent-32

Tent house-25

TOP Tents--20

folding tents--1

POP Tent Room--6

Large tent tent Services UNHCR-tents Honesty factory Management Shade

Housing exhibition tents: show canopy rooms, assembly tents, canopies exhibition rooms, large tents, removable tents, outdoor tents for the exhibition, squares, factories and commercial and assembly activities. Waterproof fabric structure of the assembly . In emergency situations, size can be customized.

Tent set up field notes: 1, the amount paid: (a) Upon receipt of a written order and advance payment (the total cost of leasing 70%), we will set aside more than the lessee to set up Preparation of this money you please sign a one-time payment, or we will not be able to provide more equipment and services; (b) the use of canopy room after seven working days to pay off the balance (of the total cost of leasing 30%);

2, a fixed canopy room: (a) the use of fixed drill rod (L 100CM, diameter 2.5CM), applicable to grass, asphalt or soft ground fixed Housing canopy; (b) expansion of the use of screws (long 7CM to 10CM, to 1CM diameter 1.5CM), applicable to the cement surface of the fixed Housing canopy (at least 20CM thick layer of cement); (c) professional support fixed on the floor (room canopy span of less than 10M); (d) re-fixed pressure, if the ground does not allow the use of more fixed, we will be mud water, yellow sand to a fixed canopy Housing, however, will be an additional charge.

Ota tents important information 1, customers need to apply the provision of a permit to build venues and related pieces of a permit; 2, field tents have all the room through the canopy of the most stringent ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, an overall room canopy Has been adopted by the full authority of the department's certified check, to wind, fire, water-resistant security; security has adopted the right Granville sector certified check, to wind, fire, water-resistant security; 3, imported PVC tarpaulin roof of the double-coating cloth, to make a very good UV canopy to keep the temperature low; 4, canopy to the Housing portfolio in the form of units can form a variety of combinations and distribution methods; 5, the cost structures in the number of structures on the site after Kancha by the impact of customer requirements and facilities made room canopy Health and the changes in the cost structure will also change; (a) 200 meters lease hand-carry items (no trucks imported under the circumstances); (b) or higher in the three-floor structure;

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Folding tent, show: folding tent: mobile tents, beach tents, tents quickly, outdoor tents, tarpaulins and formwork structure can be used anytime, anywhere, removable, temporary use , The shop can be used. Zheyu used to shade, a variety of models. tent company

Field tents, tents, folding the corners advertising (also known as the easy opening and closing of folding tent). Beautiful appearance, generous and easy to use lightweight complete specifications, special specifications can be customized, the frame used to produce high-quality steel pipe, spray the surface of high temperature treatment after processing, canopy surface coating, waterproof coating, water-proof anti-aging treatment. 1 minute to complete the installation, durable lightweight, durable and easy to clean fabric special, complete specifications, a variety of colors, on behalf of Indian advertising. Easy to carry, and can put away the box Tail on the car, leisure shopping, discount prices, welcomed the patronage field tents. Easy-to-carry mobile tents for the outdoor show, exhibition, celebration rallies, open-air banquet, leisure travel, and so on.
adding: field tents, Wanted agents are welcome to join! business advisory services! Portable Shelters and Instant Pop Up Canopies--Shady Portable Canopy
We carry a custom line of lightweight to heavy duty free standing pop up canopy systems designed for quick and easy setup and take down. Ideal for the backyard, the beach and outdoor events. Click on images below to access convenient On-Line Pricing and Ordering, Canopy Specifications, Sizes, Options and Fabric Colors.
Welcome To A Whole New World of Ultra-Luxury Daejeon China Canvas Safari Tents, Eco-Lodge, Island Dwelling, Alternative Living and Resort Tents.大田帐篷

Quality cast in the future!
Ota tent on the basis of after-sales service quality standards

1, field tents attention to after-sales service, the development-related services systems and incentives, once the after-sales service personnel to meet standards or partial High standards must be reflected in the staff of reward and punishment, it is after-sales service for all the work of the most basic preconditions. 2, and after-sales service personnel: in our industry to engage in marketing, management or technical production for more than five years, the high level of knowledge, there are large Post-secondary education, their own self-cultivation, there is a strong self-learning ability and self-improvement requirements. 3, to assess the work of the after-sales service: service to customer service every time after that to do all the work records, and once a month Leading to the report, failed to complete the requested service by customer complaints, it is necessary to carry out punishment. 4, field tents set up hotline service, 24 hours, customers, to respond. 5, door-to-door to customers, according to the road near and far agreed with the goods to the customer, shall not exceed the time required to reach customers, such as non-passenger View of the reasons for the delay in delivery, that is, one day delay to give monetary compensation. 6, the section on customer shipments, under normal circumstances can not afford to ship two days, as a result of special reasons for Tam's wrong, it is necessary to immediately communicate with customers.

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·救灾帐篷 UNHCR tents:outdoor tents,Quick put up tents, iron pieces and waterproof fabric structure. Emergency use, size can be customized。Tent factory. tentes.
·军用帐篷 ARMY Tents : Military tents,outdoor tents,assembly tents,Quick put up tents, iron pieces and waterproof fabric structure. Emergency use, size can be customized。tents company . tentes .

Daejeon news tents. June 2008 12 evening 8:00, the Ministry of Civil Affairs disaster relief reserve center (the Ministry of Civil Affairs disaster relief material reserves Library) - Guangdong field sunshades room tent factory - relief tents in southern China production base: take relief goods orders preparations for the Treasury, an emergency allocation of 10000 Top disaster relief sent to the special tent Chuanwen Chuan four earthquake-stricken areas. After receiving the mission, I sunshades field to start the emergency room tent factory plans to allocate disaster relief materials, factory technical engineer in command of relief supplies on-site preparations for the head of the command and mobilization of all workers, 10,000 tents overnight shipment sent to the four-Chuan Wenchuan earthquake-stricken areas. Said that the railway authorities give the green light to priority in time four-Chuan Wenchuan sent to the earthquake-stricken area. - Daejeon Express tents.

Integrity services To consolidate the results of the work, the building of a harmonious enterprise, the promotion of social credibility construction, field tents will be operating in 2007 as a "good faith, rest assured that consumption", to take pragmatic measures to standardize the operation, integrity, and consciously safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users, Constantly improve the quality of service levels. The relevant matters are as follows:

First, the guiding ideology of field tents. Second, the subject of field operations tent

Third, to oversee the implementation of organization and leadership.

Fourth, the overall arrangements for the field tents

"Honesty, rest assured that the consumer" action will be implemented in phases.

(A) prepare for the deployment phase of the field tent (December 2006) (B) field implementation phase of the tent (in 2007 the first and second quarter) (C) to enhance the consolidation phase of the field tents (the third quarter of 2007)

Field tents, the service concept!!! Ota spirit of the tent - "hard to open up, pragmatic and innovative" ...
Ota purpose of the tent - the "customers first, the credibility of the first, first-class service" p>

Daejeon tentsGuangzhou, China Daejeon tents Products Co., Ltd.. Set design, production, installation, sales and after-sales service in the main. Products are telescopic canopy, Atrium-style, window canopies, mobile folding canopy, and Latin American Film canopy, Kabu Long (Sunny board) canopy, Caiwa canopy, PVC tile canopy and large advertising signs. In a professional standard and quality of services is a natural development of a sustainable development path.

◆ We specially deal with the sale of awning and tent, and awning is the most popular product among foreign trade. The quality achievement is outstanding Design→production→Quality control→packaging ... ... Contact→See kind→Orders→Production→Shipment→Services Calls Advisory welcome more. . . . . . ◇ no matter how changed the world, field tents! You as long as a phone, you can enjoy the field tents. Whether now or in the future He will always be in good faith, low-cost, high-quality, efficient, fast service purposes, in order to win your business so that you feel proud and elated in the business, you also a Cool life! For you is our pleasure to make your satisfaction is our duty. We will always put the interests of customers in the first place, and carry with you Hand for a better tomorrow! ◇ In recent years, our company is also committed to corporate information and network-building, built to serve the entire network of internal information delivery systems, with In-house information service will be extended to customer service in the industry one step ahead. ◇ field tents commitment to customers on time, safe, fast, objects to ensure the safety and quick.

Management system field tents, a passionate marketing team!

First, field tents under the concern of his career:

1, under the fire of passion, a more self-confidence. Tent field marketing, should have a career full of passion, a passion of the marketing team is the team dynamic. 2, subordinate to the creation of learning opportunities, innovative work.

3, field tents to encourage independent thinking and subordinate the spirit of teamwork. 4, according to the personality adjustment work to do for themselves. 5, boss of a storm in a teacup and a big issue to do, let go under in the right direction.

Second, field tents concerned about the spiritual needs of subordinates and mentality of: 1, field tents create a warm and harmonious family atmosphere. 2, understanding of the trust, support and encouragement to do under the strong backing. 3, the use of scientific criticism and praise, Boss good at using the recognition and criticism, praise and criticism to become a "tool", under the supervision and promotion of the development of the subordinate's development Will not do any harm. 4, love to talk about principles, responsibility, the system is a yardstick. 5, the anniversary of the subordinates to use the opportunity to enhance the feeling. 6 to form a marketing team affiliated with the interaction between the family and close contact.

Ota departments under the tent:

1 〔〕 manager of the Department → → Production Technology Business → → General → Department of the Ministry of Finance

2 〔〕 → export business - domestic sales - after-sales service team

shade products ( map ) !

Power sunshades: electric retractable sunshades, electric telescopic canopies, outdoor sunshades. Aluminum alloy with special waterproof fabric structure can be opened step by step, the use of combined. Professional be manufactured, priced supplier, the product easy to install easy to use, easy to transport packaging, can be made large and small. Cases of electrical engineering, intelligent control procedures, energy-saving products . Awnings & canopy.

Folded tents, mobile tents, beach tents, tents quickly, outdoor tents, tarpaulins and formwork structure can be used anytime, anywhere, removable, temporary use, the shop can be used. This product is easy to use, easy to transport packaging, used to shade Zhe Yu, a variety of models. tent company

Tent fabric: fabric sunshades: retractable sunshades, folded tents, tents, advertising, exhibition room tents, electric sunshades, sunshades accessories, tents material. Exclusive fabrics. UV, mold, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-static, etc. . Tents & awnings.

Disaster relief tents: assembly of tents, tents engineering and construction tents, emergency tents, tents erected quickly, DIY tents, outdoor tents, the use of extensive formwork structure of the assembly and waterproof fabric. Size can be customized. Tent factory. Retractable sunshades: telescopic canopy. Sunshades. Sunshades manually. Electric sunshades, the two models. Outdoor sunshades, aluminum alloy profiles and special waterproof fabric structure can be opened step by step, with the use of professional manufacturing factory, Priced supply of this product easy to install easy to use, easy to transport packaging, size can be made. Energy-saving products. Canopy & awnings.

Sunshades motor: electric retractable sunshades, power sunshades, built-in CPU chips imported motor processing, intelligent control procedures for cases of the Department of Electrical Engineering. Can be gradually: open, co-use, invisible installation, water-resistant and dust. Durable, but also other And then add the remote control feature. Was done with respect for you, the people-oriented concept. Energy-saving products. Canopy & awnings.

Housing exhibition tents: POP canopy rooms, assembly tents, canopies exhibition rooms, large tents, removable tents, outdoor tents for the exhibition, squares, factories and commercial and assembly activities. Waterproof fabric structure of the assembly. In emergency situations, size can be customized. tent company tent room

Daejeon tents, additional information:
1, all of this page graphics, sound, text pirated copy is strictly prohibited,
field has not been agreed to the tent, all at your peril!
2, the Web site at the end of the power of interpretation, in the field tents, all.

Carry forward, honest and trustworthy, business ethics,
promotion, Daejeon tents, the level of services !

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◆ I expect you will be my bisiness customer
◆ The quality achievement is outstanding
◆  We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise
◆ We take this opportunity to thank our patrons and friends for the
liberal support extended to us during our business career
◆ We can confidently assert that any business with which you may favour us
◆ will be transacted in such a manner as will afford you the fullest
Daejeon tents, Shade Products gzawning are manufacturers and installers of customised shade solutions with a wide range of innovative products. Our range of products start from simple residential fittings to hi-tech commercial structures, we do the lot. We have specifically sourced (and always looking for more) high quality & reliable products that cater for all shade solutions. Since every shade structure is customised we go through with you every step from design, through to construction while maintaining the highest quality and service. We are turning current boring shaded areas into exciting environments with our modern shade solutions.
Our full range of products includes:
Shade Sails, Shade Structures, Umbrellas, Blinds, Folding Arm Awnings Ultimate Lattice, Screens, Slatting, Balustrade. We are always looking for new and exciting products to add to our range.
Not to mention the services that we offer to go with this, these are:
On-site consultation
Customized design
Advice with council requirements
Technical advice
After sale service
Repairs On the following pages you will find details regarding our company - our great products and examples of how and where you can use them. We endeavour to be comprehensive and informative, however if you require more information we would only be too pleased to answer your questions.
Remember the possibilities are endless with Shade Products gzawning!

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Folding tent. Telescopic shade canopies. Large exhibition room. Exhibition, Private use products! Guangzhou, China folding tents, feue exhibition supplies, folding tents, tents, special exhibits supporting supplies, advertising tents, manual and electric shade canopies, tents feue factories, quality assurance, tents, and direct sell in the international. Including patio screen canopy, stretching shade canopies, tensioned membrane, the exhibition canopy. Tents, and also welcomes custom design, we will as soon as possible Availability。

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