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Professional aluminum truss, steel truss, aluminum side columns, eight prism, folding stage platform, show card, the production of light, space aircraft searchlights, outdoor stage set up and all kinds of exhibition space rental supplies. Ota Exhibition Equipment Factory, an independent multi-year construction of plant and experienced technical workers, strictly control the engineering and product quality. Our company is a design build exhibition stands, site layout planning, exhibition equipment and material production, sale, rental specialization in one company. The supply of exhibition equipment, platform series All high-strength aluminum alloy materials, light weight, safe, durable, designed specifically for the platform to provide seamless large-scale plane, the assembled structure, the same plane, with different thickness of glass and wood can be mixed, via into a square, circular or arbitrary-shaped planar platform, applicability, panel after ... The supply of exhibition equipment fans Column Series The use of 990 series of standardized sizes, in accordance with the geometric increase or decrease a wide variety, complete accessories, RH lock piece using double hook structure, a balanced force, raw materials, specially formulated, high strength, good wear resistance. The supply of exhibition equipment large column series Designed for heavy-duty two-story difficult superscript stalls and booths and large-scale special equipment designed with excellent RH60, RH40 eight prism products share common superscript, subscript stalls in the traditional column to add that some products can be obtained several times the display space, the installation of standard and traditional structures share the same easy shortcuts. The supply of equipment exhibition truss series Have RH200, RH280, RH360, RH460 four series for you to choose from, light weight, large-span, good stability, rich and colorful style, universal joints completely change the traditional use of the single corner, you reduce the installation time, reduce costs using hexagonal joint connection, Assembly and Disassembly convenience ball and RH Day, RH micromalus

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Folding tent. Telescopic shade canopies. Large exhibition room. Exhibition, Private use products! Guangzhou, China folding tents, feue exhibition supplies, folding tents, tents, special exhibits supporting supplies, advertising tents, manual and electric shade canopies, tents feue factories, quality assurance, tents, and direct sell in the international. Including patio screen canopy, stretching shade canopies, tensioned membrane, the exhibition canopy. Tents, and also welcomes custom design, we will as soon as possible Availability。

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