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قوانغتشو مجال منتجات شركة الخيام التصميم الموحدة. وتجهيز والبيع وما بعد البيع الخدمة. المنتجات : قابل للسحب المظله ، للطي خيمة ، خيمة قاعة ، خيمة المعرض ، انزلاق الخيام والسكن كبير خيام وخيام والإعلانات ، المرحلة ، منصات العرض ، وعرض الرف صناعة الإعلان ، وهيكل الغشاء ، يلقي الصلب وحديد التسليح الإطار. إلى المعايير المهنية وتحسين الخدمات التي نبني الطريق اللازم للتنمية.

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Membrane structure
First, the classification of membrane structure Membrane structure by the structure of the force characteristics can be broadly divided into inflatable membrane structures, tensioned membrane structure (Tension / Suspension membrane structure), skeleton-type membrane structures (Frame membrane strcture, Cable dome membrane structure), the modular membrane structure ( Compound membrane structure) and other categories. Inflatable membrane structure can be divided into air-supported membrane structure (Air-supported membrane structure) and the inflatable membrane structure (or gas-fin membrane structures) (Inflated membrane structure). Air-supported membrane structure through the pressure control system to the inflatable interior of buildings, so that must remain outside the interior of the bad stress, membrane precursors by buoyancy up and must have a pre-tension to ensure that the system stiffness. Automatic interior settings Air-conditioning systems, to continuously adjust the interior air pressure, in order to adapt to changes in external load. Inflatable membrane structures are to the individual components within the inflatable membrane, so as to maintain sufficient pressure, a number of membrane components must be combined to form the shape of the force of a whole system, the structure of membranes gastightness own request high, or a continuous need to membrane structures within the inflatable component. Tensioned membrane structures membrane structures of modern architecture are an important component of the membrane surface is generally negative Gaussian surface, and therefore it rich body naturally smooth, soft surface, much architects of all ages. However, this stress analysis of complex structural systems, construction of high precision, so its design and calculation, processing, production and construction technology have a greater degree of difficulty. Membrane skeleton structure are self-closed, stable skeleton system (typically steel truss system, network structure, Sok Net structure or tensegrity system, etc.) with the membrane material to form a common structure of the force system. The system with the conventional structure of similar construction (except cable network or tensegrity system outside of its own construction), more easily understood and accepted by the engineering sector, but in order to allow membrane has a certain rigidity to the membrane skeleton system of the support systems in general the curvature must be and should be set to the membrane to exert prestressed body. Combined membrane structure is usually stable in their own division of truss system on a number of units, each arranged on tensioned membrane structure of cell membrane at the force between the unit up is basically independent of each other, you can think of many easy-tensioned membrane structure of the physical combination of monomers, the force between the complexity of tensioned membrane structures and membrane skeleton structure. Such a system of membrane structure in the current stadium canopy cover also has a wider range of applications. Second, the characteristics of membrane structure Various types of membrane structure in the form of mechanical analysis, design construction, production ease of installation, etc. have very different applications on different, but they have the following common characteristics: (1) light weight At a total construction of large public building, when, with better cost performance. Large-span structure in the use of membrane structure than the traditional structure of light of one or several orders of magnitude, and the unit area weight and cost structure will not increase with the span significantly increased. (2) modeling the beautiful, rich flavor of the times Membrane structure broken through the traditional form of building structure, easy to make a variety of shapes and rich colors, the light easy to form in conjunction with the night scene, giving people the enjoyment of the modern United States. Also because of its technical nature, membrane structure known as the modern high-tech building is the building of the 21st century. (3) reduce energy consumption Translucent membrane material itself better light transmission rate at 7% ~ 20%, can take full advantage of natural light during the day without the use of artificial lighting, and can meet a variety of sports competitions and other activities required; membrane material of the refractive index of light At more than 70%, in sunlight, the interior forming soft astigmatism, give comfort, dreamlike feel. (4) Construction of high speed Patch cutting production, such as steel cables and steel are produced at the factory finish, with the lower part of the reinforced concrete structure or components, such as at the same time, at the construction site is only a fine line, steel structure and patch connectivity installation positioning and tensioning process, it is installed at the construction site compare civilizations, rapid fast. (5) economic efficiency has Although the membrane structure for the building project is a slightly larger investment, but because such a structure of day-to-day maintenance costs of the minimum (referred to as "maintenance-free structure") in the long run, the economic effect is very marked. If such a structure for large-span building, you have the price advantage is even more prominent. Cable-membrane structure of the economic advantages are space-span and technical difficulty of directly proportional. (6) the use of safe and reliable Because of its light weight, better seismic performance; membrane structure is a flexible structure, able to endure a lot of displacement, the overall collapse is not easy; and membrane materials are generally fire-retardant materials and are not easy to cause fire. (7) easy to make a detachable structure, easy to transport, can be used as a tour, exhibition, etc. Designed a company such as American music pont cover over 300 square meters, and its demolition and installation of only using less than 6 hours. (8) the use of a wide range of Look from the climatic conditions, which apply to journeys from Alaska to Saudi Arabia this vast area; from the scale, it can be as small as a single person tents, garden pieces, large to cover tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of square meters of building. Someone even had the idea of a small town coverage, implementation of man-made natural. Third, the scope of application of membrane structure At home and abroad have built a variety of membrane structure in the building, mainly for the following aspects: 1) large-scale sports facilities: such as baseball, football pitch, tennis courts, swimming pool. 2) Entertainment Center, exhibition halls, concert halls, offices and large terminal assembly sites. 3) super-shopping centers and hotels in the halls, corridors, etc. have been. 4) hangar, parking, storage and so on. 5) the waterfront, parks and other tourist places of shade structure. 6) gardens, courtyards and other small-scale and urban streetscape.

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